How Do You Change Caste From SC To General?

Can a Brahmin girl marry a non Brahmin boy?

Any one can marry any one if boy and girl both are mutually agree to the same.

Modern Brahmin families support their kids to marry in any caste.

Any father expect that you are well to do to take care of their daughter so you should have a good job or business to impress the parents of girl..

Which is the highest caste in Rajput?

Some of the invaders’ priests became Brahmans (the highest-ranking caste). Some indigenous tribes and clans also attained Rajput status, such as the Rathors of Rajputana; the Bhattis of Punjab; and the Chandelas, Paramaras, and Bundelas of central India.

Can a Shudra become Brahmin?

A Shudra can become Brahmin by learning scriptures and practising discipline. Brahmin also means a person who has realized Brahman or the Ultimate Reality. A Shudra can become such a Brahmin by becoming a spiritual seeker.

What is general category caste?

Forward caste (referred as General Class/General Category/Open Category) is a term used in India to denote castes whose members are on average ahead of other Indians economically and socially. … The lists of general, Other Backward class and Scheduled Castes, and Scheduled Tribes are compiled irrespective of religion.

Can I change my caste in school leaving certificate?

1) File a Civil Miscellaneous Application before the Taluka/District Court under section 34 of the Specific Relief Act, 1963 seeing legal declaration that the Engish word Carpenter mentioned in your school leaving certificate as being your caste is same as the Hindi word ” badhai” and your casts mentioned in the school …

How can I change caste from OBC to SC?

By default your father’s caste is your caste. Yes, it can be done by Court intervention after the Court issues directions to the concerned Authorities. You will have to file a writ petition in the High Court within whose jurisdiction you fall.

What is the caste of the child born to inter caste marriages?

Justice A C Arumugaperumal Adityan, pointed out that as per a government order dated June 27, 1975, children born to parents, one of whom belongs to a scheduled caste, can choose to belong to the community of either parent.

Does wife caste change after marriage?

New Delhi: The caste of a person is unalterable and cannot change after marriage, the Supreme Court said on Thursday, setting aside the appointment of a general-category teacher who used reservation benefits to join the Kendriya Vidyalaya 21 years ago on the ground that she was married to a Scheduled Caste man.

How can I change my caste in Aadhar card?

You cannot change your caste as caste is by birth. You can only change your name if you wish to in all your certificates and Aadhar Card. For this, you have to follow due legal process as you need to give a paper publication and swear an affidavit in the Magistrate Court and get the name changed.

Can I change my category from OBC to general?

With the results being released and the counselling dates scheduled, you cannot change the Category. And we are afraid if you donot produce a valid category certificate, your admission might stand cancelled.

Can we change our religion?

International law. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights defines religious conversion as a human right: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief” (Article 18).

How can I change my caste in Maharashtra?

You cannot change your caste. Your caste is determined by your birth. By default your father’s caste is your caste. If your parents belong to different castes then, on special circumstances, you have an option to choose between either one of their castes.

Can a Rajput marry a Brahmin girl?

Brahmin men can marry Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and even Shudra women but Shudra men can marry only Shudra women. Although Brahmin, Kshatriya, and Vaishya men have been allowed inter-caste marriages, even in distress they should not marry Shudra women.

What is NCL in OBC?

The creamy layer is a term used for wealthier and better educated members of the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) who are not eligible for government sponsored educational and professional benefit programs.

Are Inter caste marriages successful?

But our analysis shows that inter-caste marriage is only 9.71 percent in southern part of India. … The states having moderate to high inter- caste marriages are Haryana (18.50 per cent), Tripura (16.00 per cent), Gujarat (15.49 per cent), Maharashtra (17.00 per cent) and Karnataka (16.41 per cent).

Can I change my caste to Brahmin?

You cannot convert possibly yourself (your caste) to a Brahmin traditionally, except by joining groups like Ārya samāj. But, your generation can convert to Brahmin with the institution of hypergamy, as per smṛtis like Manu.

How do you change caste from SC to BC?

There is no legal procedure to change caste, caste is fixed by the caste of your father and you cannot change him by any means. You are hindu first later sc. sc is not caste but it is a group of people having different caste, classified by law to provide facility for their social upliftment.

Which caste is higher in Brahmin?

Brahman, also spelled Brahmin, Sanskrit Brāhmaṇa (“Possessor of Brahma”), highest ranking of the four varnas, or social classes, in Hindu India.