Question: What Does Boto Mean In Spanish?

What does Cacheton mean in Spanish?

adjective (informal) Latin America) (= de cara rechoncha) plump-cheeked ⧫ fat-faced.

(Mexico) (= descarado) impudent ⧫ barefaced..

What does Boto mean in Hawaiian slang?

It means penis. Usually refers to tiny one attached to child, baby etc.

Is Lele a Spanish name?

A submission from New York, U.S. says the name Lele means “Loyalty” and is of English origin. A user from Singapore says the name Lele is of Japanese origin and means “Happy”.

How do you spell Cacheton?

1. cachetón inf (carrilludo): cachetón (cachetona) And. chubby-cheeked.

What does Lelo mean in Spanish?

lelo (pasmado): speechless.

What is the female version of vato?

And, vato has a feminine counterpart: vata, which can be used to refer to prostitutes or a female who owes someone money. Bato is just a friendly term, used among male friends.

What is lolo in Hawaiian?

LOLO (lō-lō) A Hawaiian language word meaning dumb, goofy or crazy.

What is a Hawaiian girl called?

Did You Know? The word wahine came into English in the late 18th century from Maori, the language of a Polynesian people native to New Zealand; it was originally used for a Maori woman, especially a wife. The word is also used for a woman in Hawaiian and Tahitian, though spelled “vahine” in the latter.

What does high Maka Maka mean?

stuck up or pretentiousHigh maka maka is a great expression and difficult to translate. It means stuck up or pretentious. “I don’t enjoy working with Sally; she’s so high maka maka.”

What does vato loco mean?

Crazy BrothersVatos Locos (in English, Crazy Brothers) is a street gang. Gangs using this name are active in several American states, Mexico, Colombia and in the European Union.

What does pilau mean in Hawaiian?

not comparableAdjective. pilau (not comparable) (Hawaii, slang) filthy.

What does Boto mean?

: a large, heavy river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) native to the Amazon and Orinoco river basins that is dark gray when young and pinkish as an adult The boto—the largest of the four remaining species of river dolphin—is well adapted to its murky environment.

Why Do Hawaiians say brah?

The history of Hawaiian Pidgin is linked to the wave of immigrants on the islands. Overtime, several pidgin words and phrases have made their way into everyday life on the islands. … Brah: One of the most common Hawaiian pidgin terms is that of brah, meaning “brother”. And a brah doesn’t have to be your brother by blood.

What does Lele mean in English?

(informal) adjective, masculine and feminine noun (Latin America) = lelo. Quick word challenge.

What is a chola girl?

An actual Chola girl would generally be a girlfriend or sister of a Mexican gangbanger – tough as nails but still feminine, with thin arched eyebrows (tattooed or pencilled on), dark brown lip liner, crunchy moussed or wet look hair in a high, tight ponytail and tonnes of gold jewellery.

What does Papi mean in slang?

Papi is a colloquial term for “daddy” in Spanish, but in many Spanish-speaking cultures, particularly in the Caribbean, it is often used as a general term of affection for any man, whether it’s a relative, friend, or lover. The English “baby,” used as a term of endearment for spouses and children alike, is similar.

What does Opala mean in Hawaiian?

[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)] ʻō.pala. nvs. Trash, rubbish, refuse, litter, waste matter, junk, garbage, muck; littered (said also of “trashy” people); riff-raff.

What do Hawaiians call outsiders?

Haole (/ˈhaʊliː/; Hawaiian [ˈhɔule]) is a Hawaiian term for individuals who are not Native Hawaiian or Polynesian. In Hawaii, it may mean any foreigner or anything else introduced to the Hawaiian islands of foreign origin, though it is most commonly applied to people of European ancestry.