Quick Answer: What Cruise Ships Go To CocoCay?

What’s included at CocoCay?

Accommodates up to 30 guests.

Available for pre-reservation on Cruise Planner; admission can also be purchased on island.

Entry fee includes access to premium beach, the clubhouse, infinity pool, complimentary dining at the exclusive restaurant with an elevated menu, beach chairs, umbrellas and more..

Does CocoCay cost extra?

Royal Caribbean also revealed that a giant new water park it is building at CocoCay will cost $44 to $99 per person for a full day. … Other elements of the revamped CocoCay that will come with an extra charge include a new, 1,600-foot-long zip line. It’ll cost $79 to $139 per ride.

Are beach chairs free on Coco Cay?

Beach chairs and umbrellas are complimentary to all of our guests and can be found throughout the island.

What can you do on CocoCay for free?

Free Things to Do on CocoCayPlay and Relax on the Beach(es)Get a Picture in Front of the Ship. … Play Some Basketball or Volleyball on South Beach. … Grab a Drink at the Swim-Up Bar (Included with Drink Package) … Get a Free Bite to Eat at the Snack Shack.Play Some Outdoor Games. … Swim at the Oasis Lagoon.More items…•

Is the waterpark at CocoCay worth it?

The waterpark is a full-fledged attraction that is completely separate from the rest of the island. While there are still plenty of complimentary activities on Perfect Day at CocoCay, this park is a must if you love waterslides. Especially given our pre-cruise admission price, it was certainly worth the cost to us.

Do you need a passport for CocoCay?

However, if you travel with Royal Caribbean cruises, you can visit CocoCay, an island the cruise company owns—it’s “private” in a sense. Here, you don’t need a passport to go to the Bahamas, though you will need to stick with your cruise itinerary on a non-negotiable basis.

Does Carnival Cruise go to CocoCay?

Both Carnival ships that will be calling on Royal’s Coco Cay operate five-day cruises from Florida. … From Port Canaveral, Carnival Ecstasy sails a five-day itinerary that calls in Freeport and Nassau. In addition, it will now visit Coco Cay, also known as Little Stirrup Cay, 11 times in 2013.

Is CocoCay included in cruise?

Complimentary venues and activities The good news is most of the experiences Royal Caribbean is offering at Perfect Day at CocoCay are complimentary and included with your cruise fare.

Does Royal Caribbean charge for CocoCay?

Royal Caribbean is building a huge water park with 13 slides at CocoCay. Access will cost $44 to $99 per person for the full day and $39 to $74 for a half day, with kids three and under admitted free. … Visitors to CocoCay will also have to pay for beach umbrellas, water sports equipment rentals and spa services.